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Planting The Future šŸŒ±

Planting The Future šŸŒ±

ā€œWhen we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and hope.ā€Ā ~Ā  Wangari Maathaiā 
Did you know that every year we plant hundreds of trees in rural Kenya? Not only is this good for the environment, but it's also good for women too.ā 
We hire the women of the Neema Women's Group to care for the Change Makers Garden that you can find down a long and dusty trail only accessible by motorbike or foot
Ā in the rural, drought-stricken county of Taita-Taveta. InĀ this region, residents live the impacts of climate change each and every day. Planting treesĀ in this part of the worldĀ makes a big difference:

  1. Reforesting with Indigenous trees helps to revitalize the land andĀ encourage the rain, which is vital for people whose livelihoods depend on their ability to grow their own food.Ā 
  2. The fruit trees they plant will bear fruit in two years, which both provide income generation and food for the entire household.
  3. Women are paid to train their peers on how to plant the trees and they are paid to care for the garden, creating jobs in an area where few exist.

Our commitment to planting trees goes beyond offsetting our environmental impact. It's aboutĀ deliberate actions that will help to make women's lives better,Ā support vibrantĀ under-resourced communities, and help repair the damage caused by deforestation.Ā 

Want to be a part of our Change Makers Garden and help us Plant The Future?Ā Click here toĀ learn more and donate to this initiative.