A Bird Named Frank

Hot Wobble Necklace

  • $55.00

An affordable statement piece that pays homage to the absolute perfect imperfection of the natural world. Perfect to wear alone or layer with your other favorite necklaces. 

We fell in love with the jewelry created by A Bird Named Frank the first time we laid eyes on it in Nairobi. We knew we had to carry it after the number of compliments our founder has received over the years every time she puts on one of their pieces.  

The clean and minimal designs that embody elements in nature are timeless and a gorgeous addition to your jewelry collection. 

:: Polished brass and silver 

:: A polished brass wobbly circle (40-ish mm diameter ) on 500mm sterling silver chain

:: Handmade in Cape Town by A Bird Named Frank

:: Modeled by Margaret Mtuku, our head Loan Officer of Zawadisha in Kenya, who everyone knows means business if she calls you