What do contagious badassery, clean water, and your computer screen have in common?

Find out at We Are Change Makers: Passion Forward

Let’s start with contagious badassery, because that belongs to our superstar guest speaker Mirna Valerio – named Nat Geo’s 2018 ‘Adventurer of the Year.’ She's also the author of a best-selling book and a sought after speaker who has focused her life on spreading health awareness, promoting diversity, and inspiring and uplifting others to LIVE LARGE and be in charge of their own happiness. She’s a BIG EFFING DEAL and we are incredibly lucky to be able to spend the evening with her.

Clean water – What we’ll be able to provide to women in Kenya (along with solar lamps and education) if you buy a ticket. Because this is a fundraiser for Zawadisha – our non-profit that works to radically improve the lives of rural Kenyan women.

Your computer screen – The likelihood of being in the presence of the powerhouse that is Mirna is low because she is a SOLD OUT SPEAKER (did we mention she’s a BIG EFFING DEAL?) but thanks to the interwebs, we’re beaming her into your living room (or office, or bedroom….you do you). Just for you! On October 21st @ 4pm PST for only $35 dollars.

Join Mirna Valerio aka The Mirnavator for this interactive workshop as she tells the story of her own unique career and lifestyle trajectory, with opportunities for you to do the same and dig deep into yours.

What will you be inspired to think and make change about?

Who are you, what do you DO (and not just for work), and are you bringing your fullest, baddest, most passionate, core-values-driven self to your work and personal life?

If you are, congratulations!

If not, let’s explore this notion of how you might live a passion-forward life. Passions aren’t just the things we love to do or make, they bleed into every part of who we are, how we live our lives, and why we do the things we do.


In Swahili, Zawadisha means "to give a gift," which might seem fitting for our little shop that sells handcrafted African goods. But our name means so much more. 

Nearly 10 years ago we started our non-profit by the same name with a mission to provide small loans to rural Kenyan women to help them finance their livelihoods. You can think of us as the Rent-A-Center of clean cook stoves, solar lamps, rainwater tanks, and other household items.

We Are Change Makers is our annual event that brings together thought leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists who want to make change locally and globally.

100% of proceeds of We Are Change Makers benefit our microlending and educational programs in Kenya.


  • A pre-event interactive happy hour where you can kick back, have fun, and meet other change makers.
  • A silent auction with heaps of things you'll actually want.
  • The chance to win a spot on our Change Makers Cycling Trip through Kenya -- when we sell 500 tickets, everyone with a ticket will be entered to win.
  • A private FB group to connect with one another before and after the event.
  • Bingo. Yep, bingo. Before the event, we'll be highlighting the amazing businesses, creatives, and humans who are a part of our community. Get to know them, fill in your card, and get a $20 gift certificate to our shop.